Cattle For Sale
Canaan Cattle Company
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These heifers have been consigned to the
Replacement Heifer Sale
Gainesville, TX
Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Yearling heifers for sale:

Birth Dates:  July - December 2018

    3/8 Maine - 7 head*
    1/2 Maine - 2 head
    5/8 Maine - 1 head
    3/4 Maine - 2 head
    Purebread Maine - 1 head

    * 1 head in group not eligible for registration

Sires used include:
    I-80, Total Perfection, No Worries,
    Blood Diamond, 10X son (Angus),
    I-80 son

Vaccinations all heifers have received:
    2 rounds Covexin 8
    1 round BovaShield 1 shot